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Top Ten Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketing Success

When it comes to marketing your website, you should really work on the design of your site and optimize it so it makes you the maximum amount of money per visitor as possible. The design of your website is very important and plays a huge role in your website's success or failure. Consider the following tips when designing your website:

Secret #1 - Clear Writing

It is very important when you write copy, or have copy written by a professional, that it be very clear and to the point. You do not want visitors to have to guess what your site is about, you want to make it clear up front.

Secret #2 - Include Links

Include links to other websites that have indirectly related products. Then, have the websites you link to link to your website as well. This will really help you out with improved search engine rankings and is well worth the effort.

Secret #3 - Make Graphics Small

You want your web pages to load quickly so avoid using large, detailed graphics that will slow the loading time of your website down. Most people won't wait for large images to load and will simply move on to a competitor's web site. It does not matter how great the graphic is if nobody ever sees it so keep this in mind when designing your website.

Secret #4 - Free Tools are Available

There are many free tools available on the Internet to help you design your website. Utilize these tools to create a professional website that attracts as many customers as possible.

Secret #5 - Be Persuasive

Always be persuasive in the copy you provide on your website. People are visiting to decide whether or not to buy from you so make sure that you persuade them to stay on your site and make their purchase from you.

Secret #6 - Use Text More Than Images

Use more text than pictures and graphics. There are two reasons for this. Reason number one is text loads quicker than graphics and people are not going to stick around a long time waiting for your website to open. Reason number two is that search engines rank your website on its text or content, not images. You need good quality content that will make the search engines rank your pages high.

Secret #7 - Organization

When designing your website, it is important to keep it very well organized so that your visitors will be able to find exactly what they are looking for quickly. If you do not design your website with organization in mind you will lose customers.

Secret #8 - Include Valuable Information

Make sure all valuable information is readily available. Anything a customer might need should be included on the website, from phone numbers to directions or any other important information.

Secret #9 - Focus on Prospective Client's Needs

Throughout your website and copy you want to focus on your client's needs and how you can solve their problems with your services and products. Nobody is going to your website to learn about how you got started, they're looking to buy your products. Focus on this to increase your conversion rates and boost your income.

Secret #10 - Banner Exchanges

Exchange banners with other websites in order to make your page look more professional and to increase your visitors.

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