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Online Businesses Still Ignoring Dial-up Market

In this article you will find the parallel between two Internet connections that makes serious actions trough financial market, leading this to great profits or huge losses.

The first type of connection that it will be detailed is Dial-up connection.

The main advantage of Dial-up is that it is not requiring any additional infrastructure less than the telephonic line. So, wherever there is a telephone line you can access the Internet, even in rural or remote areas.

But this connection is full of disadvantages, like requiring time to establish a telephone connection. Another disadvantage is that very slow, because the connection are trough modems that have a maximum, theoretical speed of 56 kbit/s. Although, the internet provider often sets limits on connection duration in order to prevent hooking of access.

The other type of connection is Broadband internet, mostly via cable. In the last 5 years the Dial-up networks were replaced with this kind of connection. The main advantage of Broadband connection is that they reach speeds more times higher than the Dial-up connections. Another good thing about this kind of type of internet is that the connectivity to the network is full-time and it will be no provider that will set limits on connection duration.

There are some disadvantages to this kind of network, too, like the costs might be a little higher than the Dial-up and it can't reach anywhere so fast as it could trough Dial-up. Because of the constant growing of the internet, the needing of the high-speed internet is more obviously. Websites containing Macromedia Flash, online gaming or streaming media makes the loading time on Dial-up connections to be enormous.

Now it appears a serious problem. It is known than more than 40% of the internet users are still using Dial-up connection. So the marketing companies have to make something to attract them on their websites, too. Now another website business took place.

The website companies have to optimize their websites in order that their loading time because the page loading time is essential for keeping the visitors. If their pages load time is too long due to un-optimized images, people simply leave the site before it is loaded! This way, they might miss out many sales.

The solution for the website business to continue working with dial up users it will be the loading time optimization. Here are a few things you have to count in the optimization process:

1. File sizes have to be as small as possible
2. Splash pages
3. Low resolution images
4. Graphics, sounds and videos optional
5. Same images on each page
6. Width and height of all images specified

So it is good to keep in mind that busy people dose not like to wait around for pages to load a huge time when lots of other websites are perfect optimized.

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