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Get Rid of Your Frames

A few years ago a lot of websites utilized frame technology.

A website that uses this frame technology is apparent when the left hand or top of the screen stays the same and the inner part changes when links are clicked on. The main URL address always stays the same no matter what you click on.

Using frames can be a big problem for your website. Some search engines have trouble getting through the frameset to the actual web pages within your site, which may cause the search engines to not index it properly.

Search engines indes URL's (single pages). Because search engines can't really index framed pages that well, you risk the chance of having all your hard work produce no results.

You also can't link to a particular page in your site which could cause several problems.

The first being when trying to implement a linking campaign, other sites would not be able to link to any other pages, and there reciprocal links might not get indexed.

You wouldn't be able to use pay per click advertising as effective either.

Placing your products in shopping directories would be an absolute nightmare.

Thankfully, frames has gone out of style and isn't used that much anymore, but now you have a more definitive reason to get rid of your frames.

Leah West

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