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Let Your Website Make You $$$ While You Sleep! and All That Other B.S.!

Well, you've got your product, started your home business, and even have your website up on the internet. Only one problem, where is that money you were supposed to be making? Nothing! No one is knocking down your door to buy your product! Well, here is the real world answer. Just because you have a website up doesn't mean much if people can't find you among the masses of sites out there. And you thought you were done:) Now, the real work starts..... Need marketing strategies......

Some easy and free online marketing marketing tips:

1. Look for relevant sites, and ask for reciprocal links. Most will be happy to link with you if your site is not an affiliate, mlm, and has some quality their customers would like.

2. Do a search for free areas to post classified advertising. Again, look for some that are relevant to your site. You don't get customers by advertising to people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

3. Join newsgroups, hotmail groups, yahoo groups that are relevant to your business. You mostly can't do blatant advertising, but put something in your signature file, so people will know about what you have to offer, and contribute to your group. Since you should contribute, choose topics that interest you, so you can be a productive member of your group. Also, there is something to be said about participation, and it helps to keep up with trends in your business this way. There is always something to learn, and someone else's point of view can help a lot:)

4. Submit to search engines- But first make sure you have your keywords for your business in order, check with Overture for a keyword search. your descriptions of your website, and their pages, and title tags, and meta tags done on your website, so the search engines can find you. (Note: keywords need to be actually on your web page)

To learn a lot more about submitting to search engines, and marketing check out http://www.selfpromotion.com He has a lot of free helps for newbies like us just starting out in internet marketing, and many tools to help you promote your website.. A great and free resource!

Cindy Oliver is a nurse, and a glass artist. She makes aromatherapy vessels and handmade glass beads. Her website is: http://www.glassaffinity.com


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