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How to Make the Online Sales Copy for Your Website More Conversational

It has been said that the best online sales copy is one that talks to your prospect as if you are in together in a conversation.

But for some of my subscribers to my newsletter, they find it difficult to accomplish. They say that it is hard to "talk on paper". How can this be? My guess is that the training in school did not provide much opportunity to practice on writing a conversational piece of work.

Another guess is that there are tons of articles by copywriting experts on writing screaming headlines but less help is available on how to make the rest of your sales copy sound conversational.

The solution that I propose is to speak to a recorder and have what is recorded transcribed. Having said that, here are 30 short phrases that can possibly help you connect ideas on your sales letter into one flowing conversation:

1. Are you kidding?

2. Just imagine?

3. What does this all mean for you?

4. Don't you agree?

5. The tip of the iceberg is?.

6. Here is what's in store for you?

7. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. In the next 5 minutes, let me share with you?..

8. You need proof?

9. Think about it?.

10. The result after 2 weeks?

11. Having said that?

12. You may be asking?.

13. The reality is?.

14. Allow me to share my story?

15. Back to what I was saying?

16. Now, what was my first point about?

17. Hang on! Wait a minute!

18. Make no mistakes about this?

19. Still not convinced? How about I throw in a couple more freebies?

20. And the worst part is?.

21. And the best part is?.

22. Your eyes playing tricks on you? No, you read that right?

23. I dare say?

24. I assure you?.

25. Want to know a secret?

26. I've just let the cat out of the bag by sharing with you?..

27. It's amazing, isn't it?

28. Do you know what happenend?

29. And then?

30. Let me just recap quickly here?

If you find the above 30 phrases useful, I suggest you bookmark this article and any other great sales letters that you come across. Keep these pieces in a separate folder. Whenever you feel the need to, just open up this folder, lift these "conversational phrases" and inject them into your very own copy!

Evelyn Lim is the publisher of weekly newsletter "Mapping You to Success". She aims to equip her readers with skills to acquire multiple sources of online income. To subscribe to her newsletter, please visit http://www.e-BizMap.com.Or, read her blog "Online home business journals from Singapore" at http://www.EvelynLim.com for more information.


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