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Customers will form an opinion of your business as soon asthey look at your website. Therefore the same basic rulesapply that you use in the production of your brochure andyour business card - It needs to grab attention, be easy to read, have a benefit statement, be friendly and make astatement about your business.

More and more potential customers will look at your websiteto find out more about your product or service or even toplace an order. Here are some further points:

#1 Keep it updated - all information, prices and technicaldetails needs to be kept right up to date

#2 Easy to understand - just like your brochure, yourcustomers need to find what they're looking for quickly andeasily

#3 Not cluttered - some websites try to convey too muchinformation and people just "click off" Remember the KISSprinciple - Keep It Simple Stupid.

#4 Don't get too clever - no fancy fonts and flashinglights. People are fed up with sites that try to betoo clever. They're designed by people who want to show howclever they are and who aren't really thinking about thecustomer

#5 Fast loading - photographs and graphics can slow downloading, so be aware. If customers can't get to what they'relooking for quickly enough, then they'll "click off"

#6 Friendly - your website just like all your othermarketing materials need to suggest to the customer that youare a warm and friendly organisation to deal with

#7 Call to action - every page of your website needs to tellthe customer what to do next - order something - phone formore information - sign up for your newsletter

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