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9 Ways to Gain Your Visitors Respect

The internet is filled with sites and they are good and bad. Some have beenknown for a long time and some still struggle to get the respect and fame they think they deserve.

Although not all your visitors are web design professional they still can puttheir finger on a good site and sense the ones that are not that ok. But howcan you convince people your site deserves to be known and respected? How canyou make them feel your site is better than other thousands they could find onthe same subject?

Elegant design

You need a nice looking site. Don't overdo this either, but try to offer yoursite a unique and nice feeling. Branding is also important. Try to come up witha nice logo.

Create a nice layout, try to have a consistent colour theme and use nice fonts.Don't use templates unless they are unique and you have got the only copy. There'snothing worse for your "respected" site than a theme people have seen for 50times before.

Avoid animated gifs, annoying backgrounds and music.

Good and interesting content

Don't just throw links and downloads. Nowadays people need more, not to mentionthe search engines would love your site more if you offer them some content.Organize the content logically and update it frequently.

Good way to advertise

We all need to live and some try to do this from the site they run. It's ok tohave an ad campaign or two. Just don't over do it. Don't fill your pages withmany banners and advertising links. They would make people lose respect for younot to mention ruin the entire layout.

A good behaviour online

Don't think people cannot trace you just because you are "anonymous" online.wrong. if someone wants to trace you all the way to your lair, there's nothingyou can do against it. But you can use this in order to get known, in a positivemanner.

Post in forums and respect. People will come to know you eventually from seeingyour good posts and nice behaviour. When they'll see your site this could meanmore visitors and perhaps some clients that are almost convinced you really meanbusiness.

Respect towards your visitors

Don't treat your visitors bad, offer them a pleasant experience and make themlove the place. Offer them a feed-back form and respond as fast as possible toany questions they might ask. Word of mouth is a serious promotion. Use it inyour behalf.

Good organization

Don't take prisoners, let people know what's on your site and how they can reachthe information they are looking for. A sitemap is a good thing to add to yoursite if you've got more pages. It's also a good trick for the search enginesoptimization. Have a good navigation system and don't make people have to guesswhat's going on in your little place online.

About information and contact page

For a business and even a personal page, a good about and contact page can dowonders. When people see a nice site they tend to want to know something moreabout the person running it or the business presenting it. And a contact pageis a must on every site. For a business offer phone numbers and addresses, fora personal page at least an email address.


Frequent updates make search engines love you, not to mention your visitors.If you cannot update the information on a daily basis, try at least a monthlyupdate.

Jonathan Yates
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